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MSP4BIO at VLIZ’s Marine Science Day!

VLIZ held its annual Marine Science Day event on March 6th, (Grote Post Oostende) dedicated to the EU Mission Ocean and framed within the Belgian EU Presidency and the UN Ocean Decade.

During the event, which included Mr. John Bell, director European Commission DG Research & Innovation (co-lead of the Mission) as keynote speaker, and which hosted more than 450 marine scientists, participants played an MSP-themed game with attendees in collaboration with the European Marine Board!

© VLIZ | Els Verhaeghe

During the game, players chose criteria (based on the T2.2 criteria list) and studied spatial data associated with each criterion to prioritise areas for a new highly protected MPA in the Belgian Part of the North Sea. Players also simulated the effect of random events (new legislation, environmental disasters, etc) on MSP by throwing a dart at a dartboard. After several rounds, we noticed some similarities with the real proposed marine reserves that we discussed during our last CoP interaction, and players spontaneously discussed similar issues to those we are trying to address in MSP4BIO (data availability, prioritisation of criteria, trade-offs etc.). The event also had a poster and flyers on MSP4BIO.

© VLIZ | Lawrence Whatley

© VLIZ | Els Verhaeghe

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