The concept of MSP4BIO is to provide practical, promising tools and frameworks for improved consideration of biodiversity in relevant public and provide decision making processes. MSP4BIO activities and work packages center on the following essential pillars supporting an effective implementation plan:

Private: Research Pillars

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Private: Research Pillars
Policy Environment Socio-economics Integration


MSP4BIO develops solutions that support coherent policy implementation and effective mainstreaming of biodiversity into relevant policies. It addresses the lack of effective science-policy dialogues.



Starting from the current state of the art, MSP4BIO will improve the knowledge base and criteria for better prioritization of areas for biodiversity restoration and conservation. It will also improve the consideration of Climate Change scenarios in the designation of MPAs.


MSP4BIO integrates the socio-economic considerations in MPA prioritization and management using the ecosystem services valuation approach. It uses participatory mapping and participatory governance to bring socio-economic perspectives into MPA management and MSP.


Uses the trade-off analysis scenario co- development approach to integrate the socio- economics, improved ecological knowledge, and policy coherence considerations into approaches for MPA prioritization and management. It develops a framework for a more integrated and flexible strategic and spatial integration between MSP and MPAs that gets validated in 6 pilot sites in all 5 European Sea Basins.

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