Online Workshop Alert!
Join Us for an Exciting Workshop on Trade-Off Methodology for MPA/Conservation Design! We...
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MSP4BIO – successfully bringing together marine spatial planning and marine conservation
Author:Ivana Stojanovic – S.Pro – Sustainable Projects GmbH Hosted...
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Webinar Alert!
The V MED-MSP-CoP Webinar “MSP4BIO Science-Policy Dialogue Think Tank on the...
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Designs - 9
How can maritime spatial planning help enhance biodiversity mainstreaming?  Authors:...
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MSP4BIO is involving MSP planners and MPA managers to develop an integrated flexible...
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un ocean decade, mpa forum, msp
MSP4BIO is helping organise two satellite events at the UN Ocean Decade
On April 8th, MSP4BIO will join the Marine Protected Areas Forum to co-host with...
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Mainstreaming biodiversity into national sectoral policies – why is it difficult? 
By Päivi Haapasaari (Senior Research Scientist, Finnish Environment Agency, Syke)Volcy...
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MSP4BIO at VLIZ's Marine Science Day!
VLIZ held its annual Marine Science Day event on March 6th, (Grote Post Oostende)...
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Synergies tender
The 3rd issue of our BLUE HORIZONS is out!
As in the first issue of our joint newsletter, we are thrilled to bring...
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MSP4BIO at ReginaMSP workshop
Débora Gutierrez from the University of Azores joined the 2nd INTERNATIONAL REGINA-MSP...
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msp4bio Data compilation app
MSP4BIO’s Data Compilation App Now Available 
Access to good-quality ecological, environmental, and socio-economic data is essential...
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The 2nd issue of our BLUE HORIZONS is out!
As in the first issue of our joint newsletter, we are thrilled to bring...
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Unveiling the State of Biodiversity Data Across Europe: The MSP4BIO Project's Comprehensive Data Analysis
. In a remarkable stride towards better maritime spatial planning and biodiversity...
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The 2nd MSP4BIO Science Policy Dialogue Think Tank Meeting was a success!
The 2nd science policy dialogue Think Tank Meeting took place online on December...
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MSP4BIO in the Azorean newspaper!🗞️
A news piece about our workshop on participatory mapping appeared in the “Correio...
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Third Community of Practice (CoP) Interaction – Graciosa Case Study - MSP4BIO Project
Third Community of Practice (CoP) Interaction – Graciosa Case Study
III CoP interaction is being organised in the 6 test sites of MSP4BIO, focusing on...
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workshop mission arena
Mission Arena - Results of workshop! 🤩
The Mission Arena, a conference organized by the Mission Ocean Lighthouse Blue Mission...
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DALL·E 2023-11-07 15.43
Sea Sketch Training in Split 🖊️
Back to back with MSP4BIO’s 3rd General Assembly, the test sites stayed extra...
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msp4bio general assembly croatia
MSP4BIO met in Split! 🇭🇷
On November 6-7th we got together in Split, Croatia for our 3rd General Assembly...
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Marine Protected Areas panel at the 1st Mission Arena by Blue Mission BANOS 🎉
In pursuit of the EU Mission Restore our Ocean & Waters objectives, Blue...
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EUSBSR Annual Forum
Scientists & projects are approaching policymakers with one voice – a good practice to avoid stakeholder fatigue
That was the main message given by the Estonian Marine Institute, University of Tartu...
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Synergies tender
🌊 Blue Horizons newsletter is out!
MSP4BIO has united BLUE4ALL project to put together Blue Horizons, a newsletter focusing...
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MPAEurope - Sister project overview!
MPA Europe is a project that was funded under the same call as MSP4BIO and that aims...
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Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 15.57
Interview at the European Maritime Day '23!
The European Maritime Day, “the place where Ocean leaders meet”, was...
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Workshop alert!
The Workshop “Strengthening the ecosystem-based approach in MSP and supporting a...
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msp4bio twitter post about msp4bio in french
Neil Alloncle from CEREMA is telling us “What is MSP4BIO” in French language
MSP4BIO partners are telling about MSP4BIO in different EU languages! Watch Neil...
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mauro radone
Mauro Randone, from the MSP4BIO partner WWF, is presenting MSP4BIO project in Italian language
MSP4BIO partners are telling about MSP4BIO in different EU languages! Watch Mauro...
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Discovering MSP4BIO: A Deep Dive into the Mission, Vision, and Key Objectives of the Marine Biodiversity Project
The MSP4BIO Coordination Team from s.Pro talked about the mission and vision of the...
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Untitled design (22)
We talked about MSP4BIO sister project Marine Plan with Maria Bas Lopez
During the MSP Conference in Barcelona we have had a joint booth with our sister...
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Crucial insights about the MSP4BIO project
Ivana Lukic from s.Pro, the project coordinator for MSP4BIO, shared crucial insights...
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Community of Practices established!
MSP4BIO reaches a new milestone!39 Consent forms have been signed to date by the...
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