Third Community of Practice (CoP) Interaction – Graciosa Case Study

III CoP interaction is being organised in the 6 test sites of MSP4BIO, focusing on the trade-off exercise with support of the SeaSketch tool and all reports will be ready by the end of the year. Read below the sneak peek on how it went in Portugal at the Graciosa island in the Azores.

On November 28, 2023, the third meeting of the Community of Practice (CoP) within the MSP4BIO project took place at the Graciosenses Fishermen’s Association headquarters in São Mateus, Graciosa island, Azores. The CoP, consisting of maritime management stakeholders, met online via ZOOM and in person to discuss the project’s objectives and progress.

The meeting, held from 9 am to 12 pm, provided an overview of the MSP4BIO project, particularly its case study in Graciosa Island. One of the primary goals is to promote literacy in Marine Protected Areas (AMPs) and a structured, integrated strategy for stakeholder engagement. The project aims to develop a methodology ensuring coherence/integration with Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) and rebuilding stakeholder confidence for MSP implementation.

The workshop focused on revisiting project activities, including the valuation of ecosystem services, and engaging in a brief discussion on the proposal for a protected area and potential trade-offs on the island, through participatory mapping with the SeaSketch tool.

In essence, the meeting welcomed new potential members and other stakeholders interested in the topic. The event reflects the community’s ongoing commitment to promoting sustainability and effective regional marine resource management.

In summary, integrating new members into the Community of Practice (CoP) is crucial for diverse perspectives. A dedicated forum for Praia Islet fosters joint management, with innovative proposals like integrated monitoring. Priorities include boosting literacy on Marine Protected Areas (AMPs) and empowering locals. Extending operating hours, especially on Saturdays, signals a commitment to community engagement and accessibility, promoting inclusive and collaborative site preservation.

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