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Marine Protected Areas panel at the 1st Mission Arena by Blue Mission BANOS 🎉

In pursuit of the EU Mission Restore our Ocean & Waters objectives, Blue Mission BANOS’ is the lighthouse in the Baltic and North Sea that inspires, engages and supports stakeholders across the region to reach a carbon-neutral & circular blue economy.

With this objective in mind, BlueMissionBANOS is organizing the 1st Mission Arena, an event to take place on 14-16 November in Gothenburg, Sweden,that through interactive sessions, workshops, pitching events, demonstrations and networking sessions, will draw a roadmap for the region from the outcomes of the three-days-event.

As part of the event, the workshop “Safeguarding Biodiversity: Strengthening Marine Protected Area Networks, Policy Coherence and community involvement” will take place on the second day with key speakers from the WWF Baltic, the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission(HELCOM), the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SwaM), and the University of Soutjern Denmark (SDU). 

The Key Discussion Topics will be:

  • Designation of strictly protected areas
  • Creation of MPA networks
  • Integration of MPAs & MSP (Marine Spatial Planning)
  • Active community involvement

🗣️ Our Goal: By the end of this workshop, we aim to develop actionable recommendations and strategies that will guide us towards a sustainable marine future, making a real impact in the region by 2030.

Registrations are open 

and the agenda can be found below:

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