Mission Arena – Results of workshop! 🤩

The Mission Arena, a conference organized by the Mission Ocean Lighthouse Blue Mission BANOS, was held this past November 14-16th in Gothenburg, Sweden where more than 500 participants took part of the many workshops along the 3 days.

Our workshop, ‘Safeguarding Biodiversity Strengthening Marine Protected Area Networks, policy coherence and community involvement’, co-organized with the BLUE4ALL project, Cool Blue project and CrossGov project, had a very interesting list of speakers that participated in the four sessions.

The objective of the workshop was to discuss the current state and actions in place, challenges, needs and opportunities to support protection and restoration of marine biodiversity and achievement of 2030 targets. The discussion was focused on Ocean Mission priorities such as designation of strictly protected areas, creation of MPA networks, integration of MPAs & MSP, and active community involvement. The workshop resulted in agreed recommendations and action points for the region until 2030. The workshop and its outputs is directed to MPA managers, MPA policy/decision makers at different levels, marine planners, researchers and experts, representatives of blue economy sectors, NGOs, local communities and citizens.

Download from below the summary of the sessions:

You can also see ALL presentations and summary of the sessions over the 3 days in the BlueMissionBANOS website:

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