MSP4BIO in the Azorean newspaper!🗞️

A news piece about our workshop on participatory mapping appeared in the “Correio dos Açores” newspaper last November 30th! We are so excited that we have translated the news piece for you and attached the newspaper below 😄

The University of the Azores coordinated a workshop on participatory cartography on the 8th and 9th of November, within the scope of the MSP4Bio project, in the city of Split in Croatia.
Participatory cartography plays a central role in most maritime spatial planning initiatives as a means of visualising spatial data, collecting information, developing spatial plans, and evaluating scenario combinations and development. This workshop guided participants through the common steps of participatory mapping for Maritime Spatial Planning, including:

  • Collection of spatial information, creation of an authoritative, web-based geographic database and carrying out a gap analysis.
  • Development and implementation of spatial surveys to collect new data, for example, on the distribution of human uses and appreciation of spaces.
  • Development of metrics to evaluate commitments and integration between spatial plans.
    Using web-based mapping tools, you can collaboratively develop zoning options that meet a common set of goals and objectives.

For the purposes of this workshop, a free platform (SeaSketch) was used so that each participant had experience practice in developing and implementing customized participatory tools for each of the MSP4BIO test sites (Baltic Sea, North Sea, Graciosa Island, MW-Med, Cádiz, Black Sea).
At the end of the workshop, participants were able to “take home” their SeaSketch project as a way to demonstrate the power of participatory cartography and freely use the platform for planning.

Check page 21 to see the news piece:

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